Transmutation @ Big Pictures Los Angeles

Group show curated by Doug Crocco, Los Angeles, California, June, 2018.

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present Transmutation, a group show of sculptures featuring Michael Assiff, Chris Collins, Joachim Coucke, Eben Goff, Ethan Greenbaum, Lazaros, Jason Meadows, Hugo Montoya, Annie Pendergrast, and Camille Schefter.

The act of transmutation is the transition of an object from one state into another. Although everything in the known universe is constantly in flux, transmutation is specifically identified as singular named entities rebirthing into new incarnations. While it is most often associated with Alchemy, the desire to transmute is also at the core of art making. Throughout time visionary Artists and Alchemists have sought to unlock the potential of the creative act, and achieve unification of the self with this eternal principle of change. Through the charging, compiling, and compressing of base materials, they forge new forms and the mundane aspects of the materials shed away to reveal deeper meanings or create new mysteries. Artists also use many pigments originally developed and used by alchemists for their vibrational frequencies and abilities to align chakras. They are also combined to create windows into other worlds, a reminder that everything is an illusion, and we can turn our visions into reality.

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