Polaroid Black @ Big Pictures Los Angeles

Group show curated by Doug Crocco, Los Angeles, California. April, 2017.

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present Polaroid Black, a Group show featuring the work of Scott Armetta, Doug Crocco, Tom Delaney, Amy Garofano, Mark Thomas Gibson, Dan Gratz, Kara Joslyn, Brendan Lynch, Dustin Metz, Nikko Mueller, Daniel Newman, Laurie Nye, Manny Prieres, Aaron Sandnes, and Erik Torregroza, curated by Doug Crocco.

The show features 23 paintings and 11 works on paper hung salon style, along with 2 sculptures. Collectively, the works create a sense of mystery and intrigue by depicting images that can’t quite be perceived or are just emerging from darkness.  Paintings of nightscapes, portraits of figures shrouded in shadow, and sheet ghosts populate the show. As one must wait for a Polaroid photo to develop, watching faint images emerge from nothing, this show is about the transition from which something is hidden to being revealed.

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Press on the show:

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Big Pictures Los Angeles was a Project space in the mid city area of Los Angeles. Founded in 2014 by artist and curator Doug Crocco. The program aimed to highlight underserved mid career artist in Los Angeles, present new forms of digital media arts, and collaborate with Artists in Miami and New York. It was part of a cluster of galleries that opened on Washington blvd. around 2015. This group included Hilde Gallery, Kamra International, Park View, Kristina Kite, Ochi Projects, Shoot the Lobster, Michael Thibault, and The Underground Museum. BPLA closed in 2020 due to city restrictions.














Polaroid Black @ Big Pictures Los AngelesDoug C