Parkfield Review #5

The Parkfield Review #5, 2014 Р2015. In the summer of 2010,  David Richards and Geoff Tuck  decided to curate an experiment in group dynamics: they invited a few artists with ostensibly little in common, other than an acquaintance with them, to spend a weekend together in Parkfield. They began imagining a new world where art is conversation and making, a world that is removed from, yet still engaged with, the city and its communities of artists. They planted this world in the soil of a cattle ranch, in Parkfield, CA.

Artists: Kaucyila Brooke, Sarah Burwash, Angel Chen, Doug Crocco, Cirilo Domine, Jay Erker, Maya Gurantz, Zach Kleyn, Lies Kraal, Jason Kunke, Janne Larsen, Carrie McILwain, John Mills, Jennifer Moon, Arjuna Neuman, Jill Newman, Laurie Nye, Nancy Popp, Rachelle Rojany, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Judi Russell, Daney Saylor, Marty Schnapf, Kang Seung Lee, Austin Shull, Cammie Staros, Ben Tong, Mike Tuck, Stephen Van Dyck, and Alice Wang.

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