Holding Space @ Big Pictures Los Angeles

Group show curated by Doug Crocco, Los Angeles, California, November, 2019.

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present Holding Space, the final exhibition at 2424 West Washington Blvd. The show is a group exhibition featuring most of the artist that have participated in programing with BPL.A. and a few that were scheduled to be prior to the abrupt ending of our lease. An opening reception will be held Saturday, November 16th from 6:00pm – 11:00pm. The show will conclude on November 24th.

The term holding space is often used when referring to supporting another persons emotional needs by being present for them. It can also mean creating a safe and contemplative context where sacred ceremonies can be performed. Here thoughts and emotions can be more deeply explored and appreciated. Both of these definitions describe important aspects of what Big Pictures Los Angeles has been about. The gallery has functioned as a safe place for art to be seen in real life. Always striving to be a beautiful space that uplifts the art and unifies it with the community in an attempt for all parties involved to learn and grow. Please join us this Saturday night in a celebration of five fabulous years, and take in this moment of conclusion with a shot of whisky.

Artists included: Scott Armetta, Eric Ashcraft, Matthew Arnone, Michael Assiff, Alison Blickle, Spencer Carmona, Manny Castro, Chris Collins, Brian Cooper, Joachim Coucke, Matthew Craven, Doug Crocco, Tom Delaney, Helen Rebekah Garber, Steve Gladstone, Eben Goff, Dan Gratz, Ethan Greenbaum, Kady Grant, Robert Gunderman, Aramis Gutierrez, Joshua Hagler, Julie Henson, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Samantha Jacober, Shaun Johnson, Kara Joslyn, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Lauren Spencer King, kyttenjanae, Alice Lang, L, Tyler Lafreniere, Matt Lifson, Megan Lindeman, Susan Logoreci, Brendan Lynch, Grace Mattingly, Jake Kean Mayman, Max Maslansky, Joshua Miller, Hugo Montoya, Aaron Morse, Nikko Mueller, Daniel Newman, Laurie Nye, Annie Pendergrast, Manny Prieres, Alex Jacob Reed, Alyssa Rogers, Maja Ruznic, Aaron Sandnes, Ben Sanders, Marty Schnapf, Alex Sewell, Kira Maria Shewfelt, Tosha Stimage, Erik Torregroz, Erin Trefry, Lani Trock, Dani Tull, Laura Watters, Paula Wilson, Hayley Quentin, Nelly Zagury, and Mathew Zefeldt.










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